Voprosy Jazykoznanija. 1992. No. 3

A.V. Bondarko
On the correlation of the universal and idioethnic aspects of semantics: The interpretational component of grammatical meanings
5 - 20
G.G. Corbett
Typology of gender systems
21 - 30
W.R. Schmalstieg
The place of Old Prussian in Northern Indo-European: The nominative–accusative neuter singular ending as an isogloss uniting Baltic, Slavic and Germanic
31 - 43
Joy I. Edelman
Once more on filiation stages within Aryan linguistic unity
44 - 66
N.V. Gurov, G.A. Zograf
Areal linguistics: The object and the method (Based on the material of languages of South Asia)
67 - 83
Anatoly N. Baranov, Grigorij E. Krejdlin
The structure of the dialogue: Lexical markers of minimal dialogues
84 - 93
V.A. Xomiakov
Some typological features of non-standard word-stock of English, French and Russian
94 - 105
Anatoly F. Zhuravlev
Some quantitative–typological observations on the word-stock of Slavonic languages (Proto-Slavonic heritage)
106 - 118
Vladimir M. Alpatov
The linguistic legacy of N. Poppe
119 - 125
E.I. Kedaitene
[Review] Žuravlev V.K. Diachronic morphology
126 - 127
L.I. Barannikova
[Review] Dialectological atlas of the Russian language. The center of the European part of the USSR
127 - 130
B.A. Abramov
[Review] V.P. Litvinov, V.P. Nedjalkov. Resultativkonstruktionen im Deutschen
130 - 132
V.Z. Demyankov
[Review] Rudenko D.I. The noun in the paradigms of the “philosophy of language”
132 - 135
A.G. Belova
[Review] Ch. Ehret. Origin of the third consonants in Semitic roots: An internal reconstruction (applied to Arabic)
135 - 139
Academic life
Academic life

Chronical notes
140 - 144