Voprosy Jazykoznanija. 1990. No. 1

K. Heger
The noeme as tertium comparationis in comparative analysis of languages
5 - 25
A. Rona-Tas
Altaic and Indo-European. Marginal remarks on the book of T. V. Gamkrelidze and V. V. Ivanov
26 - 37
A.V. Desnickaja
On the notion of the secondary genetic affinity and its importance for the study of Balkan linguistics
38 - 44
L.A. Gindin
The Luvians in Troy (an essay of linguo-philological analysis)
45 - 65
A.V. Jakovlev
Juncture in Afrikaans caused by variations in pronunciation
66 - 71
A.N. Aleksaxin
System-for­ming features of consonants and vowels as reflected in the Chinese syllable-structure (theory of consonantal-vocal coarticulation)
72 - 88
K. Lerner
The sociolinguistic factors contributing to the evolution of a grammatical category (founded on the material illustrating the history of the Georgian language)
89 - 100
O.T. Molcanova
Patterns of geographical names in the Turkic and Indo-European languages
101 - 113
V.N. Popov
The opposition of verbs of non-being and being in Russian
114 - 127
E.R. Ioanesian
The notion of perspective in the semantic description of the verbs of motion
128 - 132
В.И. Даль
The cant of St-Petersburg rogues
133 - 137
К.Ю. Диброва, Л.П. Ступин
On the theoretical views of L. Bloomfield
138 - 148
М.В. Софронов
[Review of:] Norman J. Chinese
149 - 154
Maria Polinsky
[Review of:] Ogloblin A. K.The Madur lan­guage and linguistic typology
154 - 159
О.В. Загоровская
[Review of:] Sorokoletov F. P., Kuznecova O. D. Sketches of Russian dialectal lexicography
159 - 162
В.В. Кальниш, Л.И. Прокопова
[Review of:] Zlatoustova L. F., Potapova R. K., Trunin-Donskoj V. N. General and applied phonetics
162 - 165
G.Ts. Pjurbeev
[Review of:] Skribnik E. K. Polypredicative synthetic sentences in the Buriat language: structural and semantic descrip­tion
165 - 168