Voprosy Jazykoznanija. 1989. No. 6

Beatrisa B. Khodorkovskaya
On the root-vocalism of the Indo-European sigmatic aorist (Vocalism of sigmatic formations of the verb in Latin)
5 - 19
Ю.В. Откупщиков
Vowel-gradation of the root in Latin sigmatic forms
20 - 22
Georgy A. Klimov
Reflex of the Indo-European laryngeal in Kartvelian languages?
23 - 28
L.R. Zinder, Vadim B. Kasevich
The phoneme and its role in the system of «langue» and «parole»
29 - 38
Leonid L. Kasatkin
A trend in the development of Russian phonetics
39 - 45
Ekaterina Rakhilina
Relation of cause and purpose in the Russian text
46 - 54
Vladimir A. Plungian
On the definition of the resultative meaning of the verb (Is the link between the resultative and telic meaning universal?);
55 - 63
Georgy V. Vekshin
Contribution to the supersegmental structure of the verse (The linguo-aesthetic aspect)
64 - 77
К.Т. Чрелашвили
Typological isomorphism of the Basque and Ibero-Caucasian (Georgian, Batsbi, Kubachi) languages
78 - 82
Yu.P. Knyazev
Constructions with the Russian participles in -н, -т in the semantic classification of predicates
83 - 94
V.V. Gurevich
Modality, truth value, reference
95 - 101
Д.С. Лихачев
On the forthcoming edition of the linguistic works of I. E. Aničkov
102 - 103
Ju.D. Apresian
I. E. Aničkov's works on idiomatics
104 - 119
С.И. Гиндин
The language of Russian poetry and concepts of its development on the eve of the XX century
120 - 131
A.M. Ščerbak
[Review of:] Doerfer G. Mongolo-Tungusica
132 - 135
М.Я. Цвиллинг
[Review of:] Černov G. V. Principles of synchronic translation
136 - 139
Н.А. Кондрашов
[Review of:] Lamprecht A. Praslovanština
139 - 142
Valerii M. Mokienko
[Review of:] L. A. Bulaxovskij and contemporary linguistics. On the centenary of his birthday
142 - 145
К.В. Бахнян, С.В. Семчинский
[Review of:] Explanatory dictionary of the Moldavian language
145 - 150
I.A. Popov
[Review of:] The Arkhangelsk regional dictionary
150 - 153