Voprosy Jazykoznanija. 1989. No. 5

Yu.S. Stepanov
Counting, names of numbers, alphabetical signs of numbers in the Indo-European languages
5 - 31
Э.Р. Тенишев
On the Kirghiz literary language of the pre-national period
32 - 40
Ф. Чижевский
Phonological systems of vowels in the Ukrainian Vlodav dialects
41 - 49
Н.А. Еськова
On the interpretation of some facts of the Russian verbal morphology
50 - 56
Yu.V. Shcheka
Harmoneme and tacteme as intonological units and their peculiarities in spoken Turkish
57 - 69
Н.В. Юшманов
Studies in general phonetics based on the material of non-Indo-European languages (an extract from the author's linguistic study «Stadial phonetics» planned for 1940—1942)
71 - 103
V.G. Gak
On the typology of different forms of language policy
104 - 133
Л.М. Скрелина
[Review of:] Alisova T. В., Repina T. A., Tariverdieva M. A. Introduction to Romance philology
134 - 139
О.И. Блинова, В.Н. Телия, V.I. Shakhovskii
[Review of:] Lukjanova N. A. Expressive word-stock used in colloquial speech
139 - 141
Suren T. Zolyan
[Review of:] Koževnikova N. A. The possibilities of worduse in the Russian poetry of the beginning of the XX century
142 - 144
В.А. Белошапкова
[Review of:] Čeremisina M. I., Kolosova Т. A. Essays on the theory of the composite sentence;
144 - 148
Т.А. Колосова
[Review of:] Širjaev E. N. Asyndetic composite sentence in modern Russian
148 - 152
С.Я. Шарыпкин
[Review of: A notional Greek dictionary. Creto-Mycenaean period
153 - 155
L.P. Krysin
[Review of:] A dictionary of foreign words
156 - 160