Voprosy Jazykoznanija. 1989. No. 4

Дж.Г. Гринберг
The prehistory of the Indo-European vowel system in comparative and typological perspective
5 - 31
В. Винтер
Some thoughts about Indo-European numerals
32 - 45
Yu.S. Stepanov
Counting, names of numbers, alphabetical signs of numbers in the Indo-European languages
46 - 72
K.H. Schmidt
Relative chronology and the Kartvelian languages
73 - 87
M.N. Bogoliubov
Iranian names of the Morning star
88 - 91
С. Оде
Comparison of the Russian and Dutch intonation systems: perceptive and linguistic analysis
92 - 97
V.V. Vinogradov
From the history of words
99 - 110
O.A. Lapteva
Thoughts of V. V. Vinogradov on social and personal factors in speech in the light of the theoryof literary language
111 - 127
V.Z. Demyankov
Theory of language and dynamics of American linguistics as reflected on the pages of the journal «Language» (To its 65-th anniversary)
128 - 148
A.A. Alekseev
[Review of:] Tolstoj N. I. History and structure of Slavic literary languages
149 - 155
V.K. Zhuravlev, Georgy A. Klimov
[Review of:] N. S. Trubetzkoy. Selected writings in philology
156 - 158
L.G. Zubkova
[Review of:] Makovski] M. M. Linguistic combinatorics. An essay in topological stratification of language structures
158 - 163
V.I. Shakhovskii
[Review of:] Telia V. N. Connotative aspect of semantics of the nominative units
164 - 166
Я.Я. Розенберг
[Review of:] Bergmane A., Blinkena A. Latviešu rakstības attīstība. Latviešu literārās valodas vēstures pētījumi
166 - 170
A.I. Moiseev
[Review of:] Miloslavskij I. G. A short practical grammar of the Russian language
170 - 171