Year / Number Authors Title Pages
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2020, 5 Maria D. Voeikova Structural functions of diminutives and their productivity in modern Russian 38-56
2020, 5 Elena V. Uryson Analogy in semantics and semantic metalanguage issues: The case of Russian VNIMANIE ‘attention’ 57-75
2020, 5 Maksim V. Vyzhlakov Ability and possibility in Tocharian A: The semantics of the verbs yāt- and cämp- and their derivatives 76-90
2020, 5 Ilya S. Yakubovich Persian ezāfe as a contact-induced feature 91-114
2020, 5 Anna S. Kuleva Plant names in the linguistic perspective: Flora of Middle-Earth, dictionaries, and translations 115-131
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2020, 4 Anna V. Malysheva, Roman V. Ronko Russian object genitive of negation in modern dialect corpora and oral subcorpus of RNC 25-54
2020, 4 Vadim B. Krys’ko Dъvoi čepi: On the history of Slavic collective numerals 55-69
2020, 4 Elena N. Malyuga, Michael McCarthy Non-minimal response tokens in English and Russian professional discourse: A comparative study 70-86
2020, 4 Anastasia B. Panova Morphologically bound complementation in Abaza 87-114
2020, 4 Svetlana V. Naumenko Spelling rationing experience in the Dictionary of the Russian Academy 1789–1794 115-131
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2020, 4 Daniil B. Tiskin [Review of:] P. V. Grashchenkov. Grammatika prilagatel’nogo. Tipologiya ad”ektivnosti i atributivnosti [Grammar of adjective. Typology of adjectivity and attributivity]. Moscow: YaSK Publishing House, 2018. 432 p. ISBN 978-5-907117-48-8. 141-148
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2020, 3 Sofia A. Oskolskaya, Natalia M. Zaika, Sergei B. Klimenko, Maksim L. Fedotov Defining caritive as a comparative concept 7-25